Various cookbooks used and created at Voxer for Chef

We just open sourced some of the Chef cookbooks we have created and use here at Voxer. You can check them out on GitHub by clicking the link below.


  • npm: Simple, no dependency, node.js package manager LWRP
  • pkgin: Simple, no dependency, SmartOS package manager LWRP
  • smf: Simple, single dependency, SMF LWRP


Using the cookbooks is fairly easy; check GitHub for more advanced examples.

include_recipe 'npm'
npm_package 'jshint@2.4.2'
npm_package 'jsontool@7.0.1'

include_recipe 'pkgin'
pkgin_package 'nginx'
pkgin_package 'tmux'

include_recipe 'smf'
# Create a basic service
# this will create the SMF XML manifest file, and import it automatically
smf_service 'daves-basic-service' do    # will become svc:/application/daves-basic-service:default
  label 'Daves Basic Service'           # human readable name
  start '/opt/local/bin/some-daemon'    # start script to run, an '&' is appended automatically to background the processes


MIT License